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Flies Control

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    Any open medium like doors, windows, balconies, and food items are entry mediums for the flies.

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    Ideal Environment

    Dark, moist, decaying, poor sanitation and disposal of organic garbage provide ideal environment.

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    Flies which are most dangerous and are popularly known as house flies, because of their close association with man. by affecting human.

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    After 30 hrs of emergence, female mosquito, which is monogamous, starts laying eggs, mainly in DECAYING ORGANIC MATTER, dung of domestic animal and birds, garbage, open sewerage, decaying live matter etc. Each female lays around 120 to 150 eggs per laying and total eggs laying varies from 600 TO 900 numbers and the total life cycle is completed in 25 to35 days. A single Pair of mated flies could produce no less than 23,200,000,000 eggs in single Summer.

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    Damages Caused

    Flies carry many pathogen (viruses ,bacteria, protozoa a ,helminthes eggs etc) and transmit diseases like Cholera conjunctivitis, Diarrhea etc., including eye diseases like myasis, infection to skin and wound.

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    Preventive measures

    Improved environmental sanitation, i.e. good housekeeping, proper handling and disposal of organic garbage like canteen waste, dead animals etc.

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